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These pictures are from the secluded Japanese Garden at CSULB. It was so amazing inside. And we got to feed the fish! If i had a backyard, this would be nice. :D

Anyway, today was fun. I went with my sister to CSULB, and after she did what she needed to, we went around campus. She’s going to attend there this fall. I’ve been there before. Most memorable parts are this garden and the new gym. Honestly the best gym I’ve ever seen :D

I’d been feeling sick this whole day (I believe it’s from lack of sleep), in fact, I still am sick, even after the pills, naps and showers I’ve taken. After watching Degrassi, I took a nap. And I feel like it just made it worse.

My dad took us to have dinner at Five Guys. I couldn’t even enjoy it that much though cause I kept sneezing. ughh -___________-

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